Animation Software

You might want to further explore the animation tools already out there. Here is a quick list:

iStopmotion (MAC, iPad, iPhone – $50)

easy to use interface.┬áCan capture from DV cam, HDV cam, or import stills onto a timeline, and exports to Final Cut. Costs $50 for the Mac version – however, this is a great investment, and the new version includes all the Pro features (used to cost $500!!!). Slimmed down versions for iPhone or iPad

Monkey Jam (Windows – FREE)

easy to use, basic PC cousin to iStopmotion. Design for pencil tests, but can link to DV and webcams for photo stop-motion. Also allows you to import stills onto a timeline. And the best thing is, its FREE!

Pencil (Mac, Windows – FREE)

Open-source pencil test tool, ideal for tablet users who want to draw straight into a program. Work with layers and keyframes, rotoscoping etc. Limited drawing tools, but fun all the same.


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